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[Nephenee's on the road again, and she's been training and working hard and she's caught two more Pokemon it seems! A Ledyba sits on her head, and a Spinarak is on her lap with Senamon. WAITAMINUTE did Senamon and Chrys evolve?!]

Well, I got two more Pokemon~ This is Rosa [The Ledyba waves her arms happily] and Oleander [The Spinarak shoots a little web in the air. Show off]
And Chrys and Senamon both evolved! Chrys did it twice! I'm so proud of 'em!

[Neph hugs her team tight, and grins even harder]

Do ya'll think maybe we're strong enough to take on the first gym leader now?

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[Nephenee turns on the feed, and frowns. It was November last she was here...why is it suddenly January?]

Uh...Wasn't yesterday November something? Why does it say it's January...
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[Well, look who popped up out of the dark again. Nephenee is wearing a waitress outfit, but Chrysanthemum seems to be tugging off her hair bow. Maybe she just got done?]

Oh tired.

Ah've been hangin' 'round Cherrygrove for a bit, after trainin' Chrysanthemum for awhile...we got a bit stronger, and we made a new friend!

[she tiredly beckons to something off camera, and a little Sentret climbs up onto the bed]

This is Senamon. She's our newest family member. I think ah'm gonna start training her in a few days...I gotta finish this week's work.

[She takes off her apron and sighs]

Who woulda thought  servin' people was so hard?

Anyone else in Cherygrove hangin' out?
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[There's a lot of rustling around suddenly, as Nephenee struggle to figure out the device. Finally, the picture flips on, and she heaves a sigh of relief. At least she didn't break it. In her arms is a Mareep, who bleats in greeting. After a moment, she speaks. Osaka why does she sound like you]

Uh, I dropped the device...Can ya'll hear me okay?

Mah name is Nephenee, and this is...I think that man called it a Mareep. But she's mine now. I guess she can't be too different from a normal sheep?
Uh, anyway, this is her. I can't figure out a name for her yet....

So, uh, where am I?
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-- 1 change of clothes.
-- 3 changes of undergarments
-- 1 12oz bottle of liquid soap (this can double as laundry detergent)
-- 1 8oz bottle of shampoo; 1 8oz bottle of conditioner
-- 1 washcloth, 2 towels (one small, one larger), 1 toothbrush, 1 travel-sized pack of toothpaste
-- clothes line, 6 clothes pins, and rubber gloves
-- bento lunch from mom + trail mix
-- Trainer Handbook (Includes the Rules, Trainer Tips, a paper copy of the map, as well as a list of "good" berries and food tips for your pokemon)
-- 1 sleeping bag
-- 1 PokéGear
-- 5 Potions
-- 1 Repel, 1 MaxRepel
-- 1 Escape Rope
-- 5 PokéBalls
-- P3000


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