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[Video flickers on, have a pensive looking Neph]
15th sure was weird... everyone liked other people and all... That's the first time I've really felt giddy about anyone. Felt kinda nice, I guess...

But it was to a girl and all...I...don't even know her name. And I sure don't know anything bout liking other girls...


So um...I saw Goose's wedding announcement... He's my buddy, but I don't know nothing about giving gifts around here or what to wear or nothing...
[now she is fretting like whoa ahah]

Why's it easier for me to whack people with mah lance than do dis sorta thing...
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[The last week has been a whirlwind of drama, and after sorting out what she could, Neph decided to speak up a little.]

I don't get the big deal with all this stuff bout non-humans an' all. I mean, I fought beside laguz back where I come from, and they ain't too different than these Pokemon things I think. But they got treated badly too by a lot of people. I jus don't see why we gotta fight about it, though. I mean, these pokemon ain't just like a cow or pig, right? They can think jus like us, right?
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[After many hours of trial and error, Nephenee finally figured some of this strange place out. The one thing that was still giving her trouble was the computer. How did the magic lighted box work, anyhow? In any case, she managed to at least get the video going. Too bad she hadn't a clue how to use it...

Have a confused looking soldier staring at you, folks.]

Uh, I guess this thing's workin'? I suppose I should say somethin'...

Um, m-my name's Nephenee. I just got here from Tellius.
This place is so big and different... I ain't sure what's what, even.

[annnnd she has no idea what else to say]


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