relentless_sentinel: (Fiddle and bow/ mountain blow ❦)
Nephenee ([personal profile] relentless_sentinel) wrote2012-02-04 06:14 pm
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↑ Fourth Spear, Video

[Nephenee's on the road again, and she's been training and working hard and she's caught two more Pokemon it seems! A Ledyba sits on her head, and a Spinarak is on her lap with Senamon. WAITAMINUTE did Senamon and Chrys evolve?!]

Well, I got two more Pokemon~ This is Rosa [The Ledyba waves her arms happily] and Oleander [The Spinarak shoots a little web in the air. Show off]
And Chrys and Senamon both evolved! Chrys did it twice! I'm so proud of 'em!

[Neph hugs her team tight, and grins even harder]

Do ya'll think maybe we're strong enough to take on the first gym leader now?

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