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[Nephenee turns on the feed, and frowns. It was November last she was here...why is it suddenly January?]

Uh...Wasn't yesterday November something? Why does it say it's January...
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Uh- yesterday was January, dumb-ass. Uh, huh huh huh.
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Re: voice

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Uh- are you sure? Uh, huh huh huh.
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Are you sure? It has definitely been January here for a while.

[She looks a little concerned.]
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[Yes, well it doesn't make much sense but... She saw Merlin go into a week's sleep, maybe it was like that?]

Someone in the house I'm in was asleep for a week, so maybe it was like that?
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It's alright. I'm sorry I couldn't offer a better explanation.

I'm Yukiko. [She offers a small smile.]
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[Video] Aaaa it's okay!!! ♥

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I'll let you know if I hear anything though and thank you.

[Her tone trails off slightly at the end, because even after everything she's been through she still isn't sure she can like her own name. Snow. It's cold and bland and just white and plain... it's best not to dwell on it really.]
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How strange ... it has always been January here ...

[ Confused and worried. ]

Did you ... go to sleep? A friend of mine slept for a very long time when she was here.

It may be related to that.
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I see. That happens from time to time, but I do not know what the explanation for this happening yet.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer that ... but Pokemon are very resourceful and much smarter than they seem. I am sure it had taken care of itself.
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I know how it feels ... to feel like you failed your Pokemon.

[ She disappeared for a month and a half. Leaving Mister Pink. ] I should really introduce myself. I am sorry if I was being rude.

My name is Lacus Clyne
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Hello, Nephenee. To you both too, Crysanthemum and Senamon.

[ Mister Pink the jigglypuff and Liana the Mawile began peeking into the gear with the appearance of the other Pokemon. ]

These are Mister Pink and Liana ...
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[ Mawile giggled and waved enthusiastically and jumping on Lacus's lap. Mister Pink tries to do the same, trying to push Liana a bit so he couls be seen too. ]

They are. And I love them, but they can certainly be a handful as you can see.
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Oh, but I think that is simply adorable ...

... Mister Pink and Liana don't seem to like staying in their balls so much. So they often sleep beside me.