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Nephenee ([personal profile] relentless_sentinel) wrote2002-01-22 07:09 pm
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TRIGGERS. Nephenee doesn't have any triggers. The closest would be talking about a family member or friend dying, and then she'll just feel inexplicably sad until she remembers her father has died.
MEDICAL INFO. No powers or medical issues.
MENTAL INFO. Nothing. She will get upset once she remembers her father died, but that's normal.
FOURTH-WALLING. Sure, if you want. Talking to me is also awesome, but I'm sure it'll be cool.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Nephenee isn't afraid of physical contact, though she might initially be "bwah?" and confused. But she is a loving person she likes that sort of thing.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. Talk to me about it, and we'll see what you want to do. I would love for her to get involved with someone~
INJURE/KILL. Talk to me first and we'll see.
DEVICE HACKING. Oh yes, this is fine.
ANYTHING ELSE. Let me know if you want to avoid spoilers!