relentless_sentinel: (Go to church and learn to pray ❦)
Nephenee ([personal profile] relentless_sentinel) wrote2011-09-23 01:10 am
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↑ Second spear/Video;

[Well, look who popped up out of the dark again. Nephenee is wearing a waitress outfit, but Chrysanthemum seems to be tugging off her hair bow. Maybe she just got done?]

Oh tired.

Ah've been hangin' 'round Cherrygrove for a bit, after trainin' Chrysanthemum for awhile...we got a bit stronger, and we made a new friend!

[she tiredly beckons to something off camera, and a little Sentret climbs up onto the bed]

This is Senamon. She's our newest family member. I think ah'm gonna start training her in a few days...I gotta finish this week's work.

[She takes off her apron and sighs]

Who woulda thought  servin' people was so hard?

Anyone else in Cherygrove hangin' out?

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