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↑ Second spear/Video;

[Well, look who popped up out of the dark again. Nephenee is wearing a waitress outfit, but Chrysanthemum seems to be tugging off her hair bow. Maybe she just got done?]

Oh tired.

Ah've been hangin' 'round Cherrygrove for a bit, after trainin' Chrysanthemum for awhile...we got a bit stronger, and we made a new friend!

[she tiredly beckons to something off camera, and a little Sentret climbs up onto the bed]

This is Senamon. She's our newest family member. I think ah'm gonna start training her in a few days...I gotta finish this week's work.

[She takes off her apron and sighs]

Who woulda thought  servin' people was so hard?

Anyone else in Cherygrove hangin' out?


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Waitin' on tables is hard work, that's for sure. But hey, if you get in on the right restaurant, the tips are amazing.


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Well, the tips ain't too bad, but ya, sure wish they'd been better some days. At least I got money for potions and food for the trip ta the next city.

video. latest, sobsdlfk sld

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Didja get any extra bedding?
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I know what you mean. [ Elena's also been working at the restaurant. Oof ]


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Oh! I remember ya, but...I don't know your name, I think we were too busy ta talk. Ah'm Nephenee!
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It's nice to properly meet you, I'm Elena. How long have you been in Cherrygrove?

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Nice ta meet ya, too!

Oh I've been here for a few weeks, trainin' Chrys and gettin some money. She's level 10 now...Senamon's getting up there finally, she just hit 5. What do you got, Ms. Elena?
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I started with Stefan and found Damon along the way, and now he won't leave me alone. Stefan seems to like fighting... I don't know what level he is though.

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Aw, what are they?

[Have a small Sentret peeking at you from under Neph's hair now.]
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The book thing says an Absol and a Hoothoot. [ She means the Pokedex but... what ]

( video )

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Why wouldn't serving people be hard? They can be a total pain to wait on sometimes.

( video )

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I've never done this sorta thing before, I figured it'd be easy. But I agree. Never thought no one could be so pushy.

( video )

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It's different for everyone, so... [ SHRUGS. ]

People want their food.

Re: ( video )

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I been in the army and on the farm, never done this. Maybe next time'll be better.

They really do.

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If you haven't ripped out most of your hair already, you'll get the hang of it eventually.

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Well, I only got a few more' I hope I don't rip out mah hair! I like it.

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Yeah, having hair connected to your head is pretty swell.

Planning to take up the same job in the next city?