relentless_sentinel: Derp (Derp)
Nephenee ([personal profile] relentless_sentinel) wrote2011-09-05 12:07 am
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↑First spear/Video;

[There's a lot of rustling around suddenly, as Nephenee struggle to figure out the device. Finally, the picture flips on, and she heaves a sigh of relief. At least she didn't break it. In her arms is a Mareep, who bleats in greeting. After a moment, she speaks. Osaka why does she sound like you]

Uh, I dropped the device...Can ya'll hear me okay?

Mah name is Nephenee, and this is...I think that man called it a Mareep. But she's mine now. I guess she can't be too different from a normal sheep?
Uh, anyway, this is her. I can't figure out a name for her yet....

So, uh, where am I?

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