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Yep back to normal

It's nice ta see that things are startin' to calm down a little 'round here...puppies are doing well, too! Still pretty little, though... Anyone know a good way to keep 'em warm, sides blankets an' them sleepin' on me?

Whoops, it's been so crazy earlier, I forgot Tuesday was my birthday!

[Action tiiime!]

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[BIRTHDAYS. LADY BIRTHDAYS. Ladies with birthdays need birthday presents even if they are a little late so Poo procured a little something for Neph and wrapped it up in a plain box, accompanied by some various tea packets. They are all in Dalaamese and smell like herbs and spices. Normally he would be Mr. Mysterious and leave the presents at the door but today he decides to stick around.

Knock knock!]

[Action tiiime!]

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[Oh, a knock at the door! Nephenee answers it, and smiles sweetly when she see who it is.]

Oh, Prince Poo! Nice ta see ya again. What brings ya around?

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A late celebration. [A present for you!]

Happy belated Birthday. I apologize, I wish I had known sooner.

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[There is a basket. It has girl sexual books, candies and eatable underwear.]

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[...What is all of this...

She can't read the book very well, but the images are bad enough. She's just. going to hide everything under the bed. Though some of the candies that were a bit less lewdly shaped for whatever reason got eaten.

Good job Ganon, you've made her go briiight red.
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Happy late birthday.

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Aw, thanks Marie!

By the way, I forgot ta thank ya properly for that Book ya gave me on Pokemon. Cream's been helpin' me read it, and it's real neat!
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Don't mention it. I'm glad you liked it. Sorry I couldn't get you something for your birthday or whatever.

What kind of types of Pokemon have you read about so far?

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It was your birthday???

Happy birthday!! I'm so sorry, I don't have any gifts...

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Yeah, on Tuesday. I didn't even realize it til now, been so busy with these puppies and all the weird goin on!

Thank ya, and that's fine! I don't really expect anything anyway. Jus happy things are getting back to normal.

Hey, ya wanna come over and see the pups??

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I still feel bad though... I'm going to make a small gift for you!


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A birthday, huh? How old are you now?

... Puppies? [oh god no goose is a sucker for cute aminuls nooooo]

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Yep, I'm 21 now!

Uh-huh, I found a pregnant doggie a week or so ago, an' took her in. They're all fuzzy an' cute! Wanna see 'em?

[Don't worry Goose, Nephenee is too.]
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... I know just what to get you for a present then. [ENJOY THAT 12-PACK OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR, NEPHENEE.]

Sure, I'll check 'em out. I like dogs.

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[BIRTHDAY WHAAA] It was your birthday? Happy late birthday! [So going to FDC today to get something for your birthday Neph. Just sayin'.]

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Thanks, Cream!

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[Oh, it was that nice southern lady's birthday a few days ago? Mac must do something! But what does she like...uh...Well, there's a package filled with pretty chocolate truffles! What was that post about puppies? Does she like puppies? Well then she gets puppy keychain and a note saying "HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! - Mac"]


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[dvbjsv Nephenee grins when she sees the presents. How sweet of him! She pops up on video chat later.]

Thank ya so much for the gifts, Mr. Mac! How ya feeling?


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You're welcome!

And I feel much better thanks!

[Yeah, he still have some slight bruising but it's not too bad at all.]
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Happy birthday, bradette!

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...ah what's a bradette?

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I don't think I know your birthday. Our special days are so close to one another. Mine was last Sunday, in fact. I spent it away from here, so I never made much of a fuss about it here. Well, happy birthday to you, Nephenee! How old are you turning this year?

You have... puppies?

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Aw, really? Happy Birthday! Did ya go back home for it?
Anythin' ya want?

It was the 15th, but it was so weird afta last week I didn't remember.
Just turned 21!

Yep, I found a girl doggie expectin pups, and Snowy had 'em the 9th. They're real cute! Wanna see 'em?

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[She didn't care about the rest of that stuff in the journal post. Birthday, what is that. But one thing caught her eye.]

...Puppies? How old is the litter.

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They were born the 9th so...10 days! They're still real small, but there's seven of 'em! Four boys, three girls!

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