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Back to normal?

 Man this last week was weird. I wake up Wednesday and everything's weird, now everything's normal? How come I got all these fancy, short dresses? I can't wear none of this!
Sorry I ain't said nothing for a bit, I've been takin' care of doggies!

Also, can someone tell meh w-why is this sheep drawin' on my rump? It don't come off when I wash it!

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... Doesn't come off, huh?


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No, it don't! Soap and water don't do nothing, neither!

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You don't remember anything? Remember getting something like a tattoo, maybe? That's what it sounds like.

Means it'll kinda never come off.

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[The morning came to bare flesh, and he was there, rousing to wakefulness to the sensation of tiny teeth nicking at what purchase they could gain on his hard skin.

Tiny, sharp milk teeth fruitlessly biting a nipple welcomed Volgin completely back to the waiting arms of reality.]

Ivan... [(The name was muttered in groggy Russian on reflex.)] Ivan, good morning to you...

[His large hand pushed aside a warm, tiny and quite fuzzy body. There was a tickle, as more peculiar sensations from even more warm fuzzy bodies writhed along his bare stomach. His electricity was dulled, rendering his own motions lethargic, but he managed to wrap his fingers around one of the things.

He found himself looking at a few days old puppy, a mewling, blind, twitching plump of flesh.]

What the...


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[Nephenee had walked to the bathroom upon waking rather early, done her business, and come back to the room and laid back down, after checking on Snowflake and her pups. Waking at her usual time later, she rose to give Snowy some water, she saw a strange looking naked man laying where the dog had been, with the puppies still around. For rather obvious reasons, she stood there, wide eyed, nearly dropping the water bowl in shock.]

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[The giant, naked man was staring at this green-haired woman (she seemed familiar, like a ghost from a haze... he almost could smell the hospital again).

The blind puppies continued to mewl and nip. Volgin's gaze remained locked on the woman.

World War II, shadow governments, hidden fortunes, global spy networks, and he really had no idea how to respond to the likes of this.

His English was slow, his mind fumbling with his tongue:]

I had too much to drink.

[His mouth tasted of shit. Literal shit. The former bitch had been licking and stimulating her pups to voiding, and the nest had to be kept clean...

... Oh. He remembered now.]

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[In all her travels, Nephenee couldn't say she was quite prepared for this. Certainly she'd seen odd things...was he a laguz? She slowly approached, keeping her eyes away from...certain things, and knelt beside him and the pups.]

[She stared at him for a bit.]
...Are ya a Laguz, Snowy?

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A sheep? So it was real after all...

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W-what is it??? Why don't it come off?

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I believe it's permanent.

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P-permanent? Like it ain't never gonna come off??

[Oh man oh man that sucks]

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Did you get a tattoo...?


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Ah-AH guess so? That's what Goose an' Ms. Blacky think it is.

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W-Why would someone draw on your butt?


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Apparently durin' the last few days, I...decided ta get somethin' called a tattoo. I guess it's permanent. [weep]

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Oh... so I guess you forgot things, too, like other people.

So you didn't want one? That's why I only draw on myself with crayons.

[shut up he totally did draw flowers on his cheeks before]

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Re: [video]

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Re: [video]

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Oh, that's a tattoo! Remember? We got it for you when we were hanging out--


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... Wait!

I'm starting to remember now!

Re: 2/2

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[...oh crap she's remembering now too!]

Y-yeah, now I remember! We were drinkin' and shopping' and stuff, and we decided it'd be cool to get tattoos!

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[The moment Cream wakes up, it's like she woke up from a dream. A nightmare, actually. She hoped it was simply a nightmare...]

Ms. Nephenee, what's going on? Why're you... [Oh, that means whatever happened...] What happened?


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[Nephenee turns around, and smiles.]

Mornin' Cream!


Whatta ya mean?

Action 1/2

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The dresses... that means what happened wasn't...

[Oh dear, the reality hits her. It wasn't a dream or nightmare. It had been real. And she remembered it.]

Action 2/2

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[Without warning, Cream hugs her room-mate, trying but failing to hold back her tears. She was such a jerk to everyone! Especially her own roomie!]

I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... for being so mean...