relentless_sentinel: (Default)
Nephenee ([personal profile] relentless_sentinel) wrote2011-02-21 03:17 pm

derpderpityderp [video]

[Video flickers on, have a pensive looking Neph]
15th sure was weird... everyone liked other people and all... That's the first time I've really felt giddy about anyone. Felt kinda nice, I guess...

But it was to a girl and all...I...don't even know her name. And I sure don't know anything bout liking other girls...


So um...I saw Goose's wedding announcement... He's my buddy, but I don't know nothing about giving gifts around here or what to wear or nothing...
[now she is fretting like whoa ahah]

Why's it easier for me to whack people with mah lance than do dis sorta thing...

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