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Nephenee ([personal profile] relentless_sentinel) wrote2011-02-21 03:17 pm

derpderpityderp [video]

[Video flickers on, have a pensive looking Neph]
15th sure was weird... everyone liked other people and all... That's the first time I've really felt giddy about anyone. Felt kinda nice, I guess...

But it was to a girl and all...I...don't even know her name. And I sure don't know anything bout liking other girls...


So um...I saw Goose's wedding announcement... He's my buddy, but I don't know nothing about giving gifts around here or what to wear or nothing...
[now she is fretting like whoa ahah]

Why's it easier for me to whack people with mah lance than do dis sorta thing...

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Nothing wrong with being gay, kid. S'all I'm gonna say about that. [It is still ~romance~ no matter what.]

So... hey. Don't worry about gifts. I'm already getting a hell of a gift on my wedding day already. [THE RAREST MOMENT OF SAPPINESS.] And wear anything you want. I don't care so long as you ain't streaking or something.

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I didn't mean there is, jus that I've never felt like that for anyone. But I don't feel like that anymore...I'm confused.

[sad face]

Gotta get ya somethin. Be rude not ta. And I don't wanna wear anything bad...

[don't explain what streaking is for the love of Yune]

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Passin' crush. Doesn't seem like a big deal. Just don't think about it much.

Hey, just show up in a decent dress and you'll be fine. Shouldn't be too hard. As for gifts... I dunno. Chocolate? Pie? Anything? A helicopter?

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I...I guess.

Hm...guess I need to go get a dress.
I'll think of somethin!
What is this helicopter thingamajig

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Yeah, you sure will. Good luck, kid. You'll be good.

Don't ask, JUST GIVE IT TO ME.

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Thanks, Goose! I'll go looking after class tomorrow!

OKAY /and then she bought him a toy helicopter

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I liked another guy too. It was a bit embarrassing.

Gifts are easy! Just find out what they like to eat and give them a whoooooole bunch of whatever it is.

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But I already give everyone cookies, that ain't special enough!

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I think something weird happened on Valentine's Day. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Jus' weird that I liked a girl like that, Sir Brock. I like guys better, normally...

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It's okay. Lots of people weren't acting like themselves.

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This school sure is weird.

Did somethin' happen to ya too?

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Oh...well, that's good!
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[Oh. Spontaneously liking girls. Yes. Erika could. Relate to this. LET'S NOT COMMENT ON THAT PART.]

A nice dress would probably be sufficient enough. It seems like it will be a rather relaxed affair.

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I just...don't know nothing bout dresses. Ain't ever worn one, really.

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They are not too much different from the school uniform, really. Just in one piece instead of separate like the skirt and shirts.

There are a few nice places in the city where you'd be able to find a suitable one.

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I think maybe I saw some when Cream an I went out...don't even know what'd look good. you know anything about dresses, Ms. Erika? You always seem to be wearin' one.
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Mm, I think there are a number of things that'd look quite nice on you.

What I am usually wearing is actually a kimono, which is more of a robe... but I do know a thing or two about dresses.

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..ya think so?

Kimono? Ah...

I...hate ta ask this, but...would ya like to go out and help me look? You're so cultured and know a lot more than me.

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I do.

[Ego stroking yeaaah.]

I wouldn't mind at all. This certainly won't be a difficult task.

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Would you be available tomorrow after classes, ma'am?
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Yes, I would be. We can go then.

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Alright, I'll meet with ya at the greenhouse then!