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[Private to Brock but hackable as hell. video]

Um, Sir Brock, I gotta question. I was talkin to Goose, and he mentioned you were something called a gym leader. What's that mean?


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Oh, um. A Pokemon gym is a place where trainers come together to train and battle, usually one type of Pokemon. The gym leader runs the place, and routinely gets challengers. If you manage to beat the leader, you receive a badge, which you need if you want to go on to challenge the Elite Four--the top of the hierarchy, I guess.


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Oh. So not like a village elder at all...

There's different types of Pokemon?

Re: videroooo

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A village elder? [GOOSE WHAT DID YOU TELL HER.]

Sure. There are lots of different species, but there are seventeen types.

[Because that makes everything very clear.]

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I just figured they had a place like one, but he said they didn't. So do ya have any leadership in the city?

...I don't understand what ya mean.


Re: videroooo

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Sure. The gym helps a lot with the upkeep of the town, but we've got governments just like everyone else.

Um...let's see. Have you met any Pokemon yet? That might make it easier to explain.

Re: videroooo

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Oh, alright! That makes more sense than the other!

I...don't think so?

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[Oh, phew. Okay. He is making sense.]

Okay, well...there are different species of Pokemon, like Onix or Charizard or Lapras, but each of them has a different...element, I guess. That's they're type. Like Onix is a rock type, so it learns moves like rock slide and things like that.

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...They learn moves? What do the look like?


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[Bing! Brock has an idea. He brings a hand to his belt and produces a red and white sphere about the size of a softball. A button is pressed, and a flash of red light reveals a bipedal horseshoe-crab type creature with a broad, flat head, and two scythes for arms. It peers into the video feed curiously.]

This is Kabutops. He's one of my Pokemon, a rock and water dual-type.

cass needs more icons sob

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[Brock. Brock she is just staring at that thing like WHAT THE HELL IS IT]

...w-what is it!?

[No she didn't hear what you said]

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This is Kabutops! He's one of my Pokemon.

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He's...real big, and looks kinda mean.

Wh-what can he do? Can he change into a human?

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He's gentle, I promise. He's actually kind of shy.

No, I never taught him the move that would let him do that. I asked him, and he said he didn't want to learn it.

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..I thought all Pokemon could do that. Huh. So ya actually have to teach em?

...Alright. Hi, Kabutops. [small wave]

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No, they have to be given a special item or taught a move, yeah.

[Kabutops snorts.]

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Oh. That's interesting...

Um, so what type does Ms. Misty train? She said she did Pokemon studies?

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It's a little confusing at first, but pretty easy to pick up on once you figure it out.

She's a water-type specialist.

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I hope so.

What other types are there? I just remembered Ms. Erika has this thing that looks like it's carrying some sorta yellow fruit. Can't remember what she called it. What's it's type?

[CURIOUS so very]

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Oh! Erika trains grass types. You probably ran into Tropius.

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Tro...pius. A grass type Pokemon...So they're all like plants?
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For the most part, yes.

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Which ones aren't, I wonder...