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2nd spear thrown; another video

[The last week has been a whirlwind of drama, and after sorting out what she could, Neph decided to speak up a little.]

I don't get the big deal with all this stuff bout non-humans an' all. I mean, I fought beside laguz back where I come from, and they ain't too different than these Pokemon things I think. But they got treated badly too by a lot of people. I jus don't see why we gotta fight about it, though. I mean, these pokemon ain't just like a cow or pig, right? They can think jus like us, right?

Yhelothar roomie. [Action]

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Oh, are you my room-mate? I'm Cream, and this is Cheese! [The Chao floats around Cream, obviously happy to meet someone new.]

*u* roomie timez~ [Action]

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[Nephenee smiles. This must be the new room-mate that just arrived. And what was this adorable critter with her?]

Hi, Cream, Cheese! I'm Nephenee. Pleased ta meet ya both. Did you just arrive here too?
[She extends an armored, gloved hand to the bunny]

yeeeees 8] [Action]

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It's nice to meet you too, Miss Nephenee! I arrived just a day ago.

[She seems real nice, and Cream is kind of glad she got a nice roomie. And, of course, she happily shakes the other's hand.

Cheese, on the other hand, is busy circling Nephenee, curious as to what she's like. Eventually he stops in front of her, gives a happy smile and wave, and then floats back to Cream.]

doopdoop laaate[Action]

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[bxhjabvfchjabcad this strange creature is too cute]

Well, at least we can help each other get used ta the place. We don't have a lot of this fancy stuff where I come from, so it's real confusin.

By the way, what's your little critter, anyway?

It's okaaaay ~/o/[Action]

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I can help you, if you'd like! I'm not used to computers, but the rest I am.

Oh, Cheese? He's a Chao! [Cheese, as if to show that off, begins saying 'Chao, Chao, Chao~!'] They're little creatures from where I come from, and you can find Gardens all over the place there!

got tagged out with gio like a derp[Action]

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That'd be swell! So how is there are these lights around? Magic?

Gardens? [All she can think is the garden she tended or the ones around the palace] That sounds nice. What sorta stuff grows in 'em?

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We should've never started fightin' about it, if ya ask me. Everyone here's equal. I dunno why some people can't see that...Fights n' stuff happen all the time, but we all gotta shape up and rise above it.

...But everyone's real mad now after that whole hangin' people up thing. Me included.

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This all is like how Laguz got treated back where I'm from. Kind of sad that people can be like that here. And that hanging thing is pretty bad, yeah. No one deserves that.

I'm Nephenee, by the way.

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I swear this place ain't usually this way. I could tell people have been pretty cool about animals and Pokemon...until now apparently. I just...don't geddit...


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I hope not. Kind of depressing as it is. Just hope we figure out who did that statue thing and everything calms down.

Nice to meet you.