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1st spear thrown: [Video In which Nephenee somehow managed to figure out the journal stuff...sorta

[After many hours of trial and error, Nephenee finally figured some of this strange place out. The one thing that was still giving her trouble was the computer. How did the magic lighted box work, anyhow? In any case, she managed to at least get the video going. Too bad she hadn't a clue how to use it...

Have a confused looking soldier staring at you, folks.]

Uh, I guess this thing's workin'? I suppose I should say somethin'...

Um, m-my name's Nephenee. I just got here from Tellius.
This place is so big and different... I ain't sure what's what, even.

[annnnd she has no idea what else to say]


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... That an accent I'm hearin'?

Re: video

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[Ack! Her accent! She quickly tried to quiet it...and is failing terribly]

N-no, I don't know what you're talkin..g about.

[She's all flustered!]

Re: video

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What, you think I'm pokin' fun at you for it? I mean, listen. I've got the same one.

Looks like we've already got something in common, kid.

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[GASP he does. She can't help but smile a little, even though she's still nervous]

Re-really? You're from the country too?

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[Nodnod.] Sure am. As proud as a Southern can be.

So... Nephenee, that was it, right? Name's Goose. I'm from Holiday Island. If only you were from Holiday, I would kiss you, no hetero.

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[Okay Goose, you officially are cool now. She's not near so nervous now that she knows you're southern stock too]

Yep, Nephenee. Good ta meet ya, Goose! I'm from Tellius myself, born and raised in Ohma village. My folks live in Melior now. Where's this Holiday Island? Her first kiss already I mean

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[SCOOOOOOOOOOORE. He likes being cool. Always.

Enjoy your goose stock, Nephenee.

Never heard of this Tellius, but I ain't heard of most places people here are from anyway. Holiday's about an hour away from here. Ain't that far.

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[Man she could go for some soup wait not that sort of stock]

Took me bout a day walkin to get here. Guess it ain't too far either. What's it like?

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Holiday's kinda tropical. A bit of tropic, a bit of Southern country 'round the southeast corner of the island. That's where I come from, that village. The flight club I used to work at's just around the corner from there, too. Always watched the gyrocopters land there as a kid, heh.

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[Wait what. Cue confused face]

Flight club? You don't look like a laguz... Gyro...what?

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Gyrocopters? They're kinda manufactured flying machines or... somethin' like that. Flight club's where novices train to be pilots and work as pilots. Pilots? We're people who can fly with machines.

Now... what's this Laguz crap supposed to be? [ALSO CONFUSE.]

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Oh wow! People have figured out how ta fly where you're from??

Um, I guess the best way to describe em is a group that can shift from human to animal form. There's some bird and beast ones.

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Really, eh? Those don't sound too bad. We've got things kinda like 'em here. They're Pokemon. You'll see a lot of 'em.

[He leans forward, elbow on his desk. He seems interested in this girl.] And as for flying, they sure have. It's our way of combat.

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video 1/2

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video 2/2

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Oh, hey there. You're new at computers, huh? Don't worry. You get used to 'em.

My name's Knuckles. If you need to know where anything is, just lemme know.

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[...Talking red thing? What?]

I hope so, they're real hard ta figure out.

Thank ya, Knuckles. I'll ask ya if I need it.

...Can I ask ya something, ac'ually?

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Trust me, once you get the hang of it, you'll find you're using them without even thinking about it.

Sure - Go ahead.

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I sure hope so. Guess I jus gotta practice with em.

Well...I'm trying to find out what ya are. Not ta be rude or nothing! Jus never seen something like ya before.

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Not surprising - I'm an Echidna. I'm the last one, so, you're not gonna see any more of my kind around. You might see some folks who kinda LOOK like Echidna, but they're Hedgehogs. Totally different.

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Really? That's sad. One of the laguz tribes, the Herons, is real rare too, where I come from. Can I ask what happened?

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It's a long story, but I'll try be brief.

Used to be two Echidna tribes that between them, ruled most of the world. The tribe of my ancestors and one other called the Nocturne.

The Nocturne were all about Technology. Eventually they got too big for their britches n some God or another removed them from the world, sealing them in an alternate universe called the Twilight Cage. I got to meet an Echidna who made her way back from there once.... the tech she used couldn't keep her here, though.

My own tribe? Too power hungry and warlike. With the Nocturne gone, they saw no reason they couldn't take it all... so, they sought power wherever they could find it. Eventually, they angered another God by committing a mindless slaughter of it's children. That God rose up against them and in it's anger, destroyed all but a few of my ancestors.

Over the thousands of years between now and then, the Echidna numbers became less and less and less allowing Humans to fill in thier place and become a great civilisation in their own right. My own parents dissapeared before I even hatched, leaving me to enter the world alone.

[identity profile] 2010-12-22 06:02 pm (UTC)(link) I'm...sorry, I shouldn't have asked...

I just helped fight a goddess not long ago. I kind of can relate I guess.


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[Hello you see a Fox sitting in front of the screen.]

Hi Nephenee! I'm Miles Prower, but people call me Tails. Nice to meet you!

Yeah, this place is really different from where I come from, too. I'm sure there's lots of friendly people at school to help out!

I'm curious of this Tellius place. What's it like?


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[Man, first talking red thing, now talking...was that a fox?]

Nice ta meet ya too, Tails. Yep, everyone's been right friendly to me so far.

Well, where I grew up, it was all farm country, but my family lives in Melior now. It's where Queen Elincia lives, so there's a big castle there an' all. But it's a lot different than here. We ain't got magic lights and...I think these are called computers? We ain't got any of them.

Re: [video]

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That's great to hear! [Smile smile.]

A farm country...that sounds peaceful! I actually come from an island with a forest, so I think I can relate to seeing lots of buildings and people around.


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Yeah, some of these buildings are bigger than the ones in Begnion, and those are mighty big! But yeah, Ohma's pretty quiet. I never really left it til I joined the militia to protect my family and all.